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Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Buffalo, NY

Popcorn ceiling removals were a popular choice back in the day, however, homes with popcorn ceilings now tend to be worn out and outdated. You may find interest in safely removing your popcorn ceiling. Popcorn ceilings can break apart easily leaving your home with bits of popcorn paint crumble everywhere. Another issue with popcorn ceilings is the difficulty it is to paint over their bumpy and porous surface. Studies have shown many popcorn ceilings may contain trace amounts of asbestos if they were built before 1980. Whether you are concerned about your health or need an updated ceiling, contact Big Shawn's and we will have your popcorn ceiling removed.


Getting Rid of Popcorn Ceiling

If you are looking for the best way to remove popcorn ceiling in the Buffalo, NY area, it may just be contacting Big Shawn's Custom Painting to do it for you.

Here at Big Shawn's, we specialize in any popcorn ceiling texture or type you may have. Whether you are concerned about asbestos being present in your home (pre-1980 homes), dislike the aesthetics, or irritated by the worn-out popcorn bit particles falling on the floor from time to time, we are the best drywall contractor to remove your popcorn ceiling texture for good. 

Contact the popcorn ceiling removal experts today at Big Shawn's Custom Painting for a free quote!


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